Leading European water technology research and development facilities

The Danish water solution centre AquaGlobe is highlighted as one of three leading European Water Technology Proving Grounds in an article in WaterWorld Magazine. 19-11-2018

WaterWorld takes an in-depth look at the three innovative playgrounds: AquaGlobe – Water Solution Center in Denmark, Vitens’ Innovation Playground in the Netherlands and United Utilities Innovation Lab in the UK.

Collaboration is key

The water technology business is facing a wide range of challenges and solutions may very well rely on the ability to collaborate and explore opportunities across the business.  Thus, collaboration is a keyword for the three flagship research and development facilities. 

A groundbreaking hub for research, development and demonstration

The review of AquaGlobe emphasizes the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. “AquaGlobe grew out of earlier collaboration between Skanderborg, Grundfos, Kamstrup and AVK. We had teamed up to explore opportunities to test and validate new prototypes and technologies in a real-world supply situation. [. . .] We could see that this way of working brought great benefits” Jens Frederik Bastrup, CEO of AquaGlobe and Skanderborg Supply Company, was quoted. AquaGlobe is connected to the supply of Skanderborg Utility, which serve approximately 60,000 consumers, to provide real-life test facilities.

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