The AVK Group launches new company under the name AVK Smart Water

By embedding intelligent solutions in core products, the new Group company aims for a smart, data-driven future for the water industry and makes sure that we stay on top of the digital wave. The first solutions will be presented this summer. 15-03-2020

A more digitised business has been a desired goal of AVK for years. According to the new company’s Managing Director, Lars Bo Kristensen, this is exactly what AVK Smart Water aspires to achieve;

“By developing new digital, intelligent solutions as add-ons to our core products, such as valves and hydrants, we enable monitoring of the entire distribution network. While obtaining a better overview of the grid’s condition, the knowledge we gain enables us to optimise and maintain the network and reduce water loss. Also, it will give insights into parameters such as pressure of the distribution system and the position of valves”.

Combining skills within IT development, data and electronics 

The team will mainly consist of developers within IoT solutions (Internet of Things), which requires skills such as IT development, data and electronics. The team now counts 20 employees.

The first solutions ready by summer 2020

Lars Bo Kristensen expects the first solutions from AVK Smart Water to be ready soon; “We have been at it for a while with quite a few preliminary projects and expect the first solutions to be ready by summer. Currently we are working with pilot projects.”

Moving forward, customers will be able to buy smart valves and hydrants through their usual AVK product suppliers.

The AVK Group sees great business potential in implementing digital solutions. As confirmed by Group CFO, Lars Kudsk, when he reported the latest record breaking results of the Group; ”There is a significant potential for growth if we expand our product portfolio to include intelligent solutions, and this area is receiving a lot of attention right now, also in terms of investments. The demand for intelligent water solutions, both in Denmark and especially globally, is great at the moment”, he stated this December to CleantechWatch.


Digitalisation ensures safe and clean drinking water

Skanderborg Forsyning has a vast supply area in which they need to ensure safe and clean drinking water for the consumers. But it can be challenging to get a general overview of the status of fire hydrants.


Smart pressure management

Water is a scarce resource that we need to protect and use with great respect.