AVK Smart Water solutions

The AVK Smart Water concept consists of battery-operated wireless IoT sensors for data collection directly from the network. The complex data is turned into valuable insights when integrated into either the existing IT system or into AVK Smart Water’s dedicated software platform.

Trust your network through digital monitoring

In many countries, utilities responsible for delivering clean water to consumers use data to control and monitor their distribution network. They have smart meters installed in most households, so they can bill consumers based on actual consumption. However, between the water works and the consumers, there are so few sensors installed that this area sometimes is considered a black box.

But in the network, there are thousands of valves, fittings, combi-crosses, and hydrants installed, and each of these assets are ideal points to collect data from. AVK Smart Water makes it possible to collect this data by providing intelligent sensors that can be installed in the distribution network. This means that the water utility can acquire data from their assets and turn the black box into a more transparent water network.

Monitoring with state-of-the-art technology

The sensors are developed for AVK core products such as gate valves, fittings, and fire hydrants. When installed, the sensors will provide data directly from applications in the water distribution network and send the data to the preferred IT system.

By installing AVK Smart Water’s sensors in the distribution network, utilities can achieve a transparent network that makes it possible to remotely monitor the network and diagnose problems, prioritise and manage maintenance issues.

This digital monitoring solution makes it possible to save resources, reduce water loss, and optimise the general planning and operation activities in the network.

AVK Smart Water sensors include:

  • VIDI Positioner for valves
  • VIDI Cap for fire hydrants
  • VIDI Open/close
  • VIDI Flow, VIDI Pressure and VIDI Temperature
  • VIDI Level

The sensors send data to VIDI Cloud, a software platform developed and provided by AVK Smart Water. Through an API, the sensors can also send data into your preferred IT system. This makes it easier to compare data and compile a complete overview of the distribution network.

Learn more about the AVK Smart Water IoT sensors

NB-IoT for underground environments

Recognising the challenge of collecting data from the distribution network, and especially from underground installations, we at AVK have chosen to offer our IoT portfolio of sensors with the NB-IoT technology. And the benefits of NB-IoT are many:

  • High penetration
  • High connection density (many devices in a small area without disrupting each other)
  • Low deployment and operating costs
  • Wide range
  • Low power consumption (long battery life)

Learn more about NB-IoT, communication and data visualisation


AVK Smart Water digital monitoring

Digital monitoring makes it possible to optimize the way the supply network is being operated.


AVK Smart Water digital monitoring

Battery-operated wireless IoT sensors collect data directly from the network and turn complex data into valuable insights.


NB-IoT sensors provide a better overview and a more efficient water supply

In Halsnæs Forsyning in Denmark, the supply network is digitized with sensors for monitoring pressure in pipelines, water levels in wells and the use of fire hydrants.
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