AVK valves for large-scale hospital project

The new university hospital in Odense, New OUH, will be one of the largest new hospitals in Denmark, and the turnkey contract amounts to 953m euros.

New OUH will become a hospital of the future and will be part of Campus Odense – a new part of town focusing on innovation and development. In addition to the new university hospital, the new town will host University of Southern Denmark, Science Park Odense and the new Cortex Park supporting knowledge sharing and networking between the business community, the university and the hospital. Generally, innovative thinking characterises the project, and for easy access, new roads are being established and a tramway is being constructed with two planned stops at the new hospital.

Almost 300 AVK valves

The Danish entrepreneur M. J. Eriksson is the lead contractor on the building and construction work related to the site development, including pipe delivery. The pipe contract covers main lines and house connections for water (2.85 km), wastewater (2.25 km, pressure lines) and cooling (3.67 km) and also includes valves and accessories for the complete project.

All valves and hydrants for the project have been supplied by AVK, mainly gate valves with PE ends for direct welding into PE pipe system, and almost half of them are in DN300-400 to be used for cooling water. Furthermore, flanged valves and ball check valves will be used for the wastewater system, and 12 fire hydrants will be spread over the big site.

The construction of the buildings began in 2020, and the new hospital is expected to open in 2027. The first buildings will include beds and treatment sections and the largest, central building that will structurally link the hospital and the university.

AVK and Aarhus University hospital

Back in 2009, the construction of the new University Hospital in Aarhus was initiated, and the approximately 470,000 m2 project was completed in 2019. During the development of the 1.25m m2 site in Aarhus, AVK valves for more than 500,000 euros have been put in the ground.

AVK products delivered to the new university hospital in Odense

Gate valves with PE ends series 36, including extension spindles and surface boxes
117 pcs DN65-250 for water and wastewater
76 pcs DN300-400 for water and cooling

Hydrants series 84
12 pcs for fire protection

Flanged gate valves series 06
56 pcs DN80 for wastewater

Ball check valves series 53
28 pcs DN80 for wastewater

New OUH by the numbers

Ground area: 800.000 m2

Floor area approx. 286.000 m2

In total 849 beds for somatic and psychiatric patients

The new university hospital is expected to open in 2027 and will be the largest new hospital in Denmark built from scratch.



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