New BMW production plant to be established in Hungary – with AVK valves

BMW has announced their plans for a new plant to be built near the town of Debrecen in Hungary.

The new BMW production plant is a total investment of €1 billion and will have a capacity of about 150,000 cars a year. The plant will provide more than 1,000 new jobs as well as numerous jobs created at suppliers and service providers in the local region. Europe is BMW’s most important market accounting for about 45% of its vehicle sales, and the location in Debrecen was chosen because of advantages such as proximity to an established supplier network and excellent infrastructure.

“The BMW Group’s decision to build this new plant reaffirms our perspective for global growth. After significant investments in China, Mexico and the USA, we are now strengthening our activities in our home continent, Europe, to maintain a worldwide balance of production,” - Harald Krüger, Chairman of the BMW AG Board of Management.

The new plant in Hungary will be able to manufacture both conventionally as well as electrically powered vehicles – all on a single production line. BMW states that the plant will set new standards in digitalisation, sustainability and flexibility.

AVK has delivered valves for the fire protection and gas supply installations at the new plant. For the first phase of the project we have delivered 20 pcs DN500 and 15 pcs DN350 UL & FM approved flanged gate valves with post indicator flanges as well as 23 pcs DN50-200 gate valves with PE pipe ends for gas supply. An additional batch of UL & FM approved DN500 gate valves will follow, and we will also deliver post indicators for the valves.