AVK Supa Lock™ 90° push-in fitting, PN16

For PE pipes, Supa Lock™ spigot end/push-in socket end

AVK headquater in Skovby Galten, Denmark


AVK International A/S

Bizonvej 1, Skovby, 8464 Galten, Denmark

Supa Lock™ 90° fitting with push-in socket for PE pipes for water and neutral liquids to max. 20° C. Note: The maximum working temperature is set according to the ISO9080 lifetime requirements for PE pipes, and is therefore not the max. temperature for the fitting.

AVK Supa Lock™ is a patented service connection system consisting of valves, tapping saddles and fittings with an easy two-step assembly without threads or use of tools. Supa Lock™ features a corrosion protected push-in and quick-lock joint secured by a safety retainer which prevents demounting under pressure. The fitting has one Supa Lock™ spigot end and one push-in socket end, and can be rotated 360° once installed offering maximum flexibility.

Variant 107/31-003
Connection: Supa Lock™
Material: Ductile Iron
DN: DN32 - DN32
PN: PN16


  • Fully coated with fusion bonded epoxy coating in compliance with DIN 3476 part 1 and EN 14901, GSK approved
  • Easy two-step assembly by pushing the Supa Lock™ spigot end into the Supa Lock™ socket end and clicking on the safety retainer
  • The safety retainer is easy to mount and demount, and as extra safety the patented Supa Lock™ joint prevents demounting when the system is under pressure
  • Can be rotated 360° once installed offering maximum flexibility
  • The Supa Lock™ joint is sealed by two large O-rings of drinking water approved EPDM rubber
  • The socket end is fitted with a hydraulic lip seal gasket of drinking water approved EPDM rubber and a POM tension ring providing tensile resistance



Reference nos. and dimensions:

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AVK ref. no. DN
107-032-31-32464 32 32 113 124 1.0
107-040-31-32464 32 40 134 123 1.1
107-050-31-32464 32 50 131 162 1.4
107-063-31-32464 32 63 143 190 2.0
2D/3D drawings
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1. O-ring EPDM rubber
2. Safety retainer POM
3. Body Ductile iron GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)
4. Seal ring EPDM rubber
5. Tension ring POM


  • Belgaqua approved
  • Approved according to Swedish type approval 1350 certified by KIWA
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