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Fire Protection

Valves and hydrants for fire protection need to be highly reliable, as they are installed in systems protecting human life. Furthermore, they must be easy to maintain and must last a lifetime, as system downtime for maintenance and replacement is risky and must be kept to an absolute minimum. AVK always aims for the highest quality standards, and the majority of our fire protection products are approved according to UL &FM or VdS, the most well recognized standards for fire protection. Our valves, hydrants and accessories are used in fire protection systems worldwide. 

We offer a large range of products for both indoor and outdoor fire protection applications counting dry and wet barrel hydrants, NRS gate valves, OS&Y gate valves, post indicators, wall post indicators, swing check valves and accessories, all UL/ULC listed and FM approved. Furthermore, we offer a range of flanged and grooved end gate valves holding a VdS approval, all of which fits perfectly for various fire protection installations.
  • Indoor Fire Protection

    Indoor fire protection is essential for all places with valuable assets or flammable material. They all need an efficient protection in case of a worst-case scenario: A fire. Therefore, department stores, shopping malls, offices, hotels, airport terminals and the like are equipped with indoor fire protection with sprinkler systems which efficiently extinguish the fire before it gets out of control.  In indoor fire protection installations it is crucial that the valves and accessories used are of a certain quality, so they will work once needed, even after a long period of standstill. AVK’s wide indoor fire protection range consists of high quality valves and accessories. Our stringent test procedures and internationally recognized approvals ensure rigid and reliable products. So if you need shut-off valves, post indicators, check valves, strainers, grooved fittings or the like, you can confidently choose an AVK product.  Our resilient seated gate valves are designed for use above ground as well as below ground using highly corrosion resistant materials and coating. We offer flanged gate valves in OS&Y design and with pin indicator as well as grooved end gate valves with pin indicator.  Our centric butterfly valves with fixed liner feature an outstanding seating concept. The rubber is injection moulded directly on the valve body forming a permanent bond, with no risk of deformation or dislocation of the liner.

  • Outdoor Fire Protection

    Outdoor fire protection systems are indispensable in industrial areas where a fire easily can occur. Many different processes are taking place, and often inflammable materials are present in the areas. Consequently there are high requirements to the systems.  For the outdoor fire protection the renowned UL/FM approved AVK hydrants enable a fast and effective effort to get the fire under control before it escalates to an un-controllable situation. The hydrants can be operated directly by means of hose attachment, by an attached fire monitor or they can be used as a water access point by the professional fire department.  The dry barrel hydrants are primarily designed for areas with frost, where the water mains is located below the ground frost zone. The wet barrel hydrants are primarily designed for non-frost areas. The monitor hydrants are primarily used for installation in chemical and petrochemical industrial plants as well as refineries, tank farms, airports and other plants with large amounts of inflammable liquids posing fire hazards. AVK naturally also offers UL/FM approved gate valves and post indicators as well as accessories for outdoor fire protection.