AVK GATE VALVE, PE / steel spigot ends, PN10

For SDR11 PE100/PE100-RC pipes and gas steel pipes, external PUR, replaceable stem sealing, NBR, DN50-300

Idriz Rahmanovic, Product Manager at AVK International


Idriz Rahmanovic

Product Manager, Gas supply

Gate valve with PE100/PE100-RC PN10 SDR11 pipe acc. to EN 1555-2 / steel spigot end. For gas -10°C to +20°C. Note: The maximum working temperature is set according to the ISO9080 lifetime requirements for PE pipes, and is therefore not the max. temperature for the valve.

AVK gate valves are designed with built-in safety in every detail and with full traceability of vital valve components. The wedge is fully vulcanized with AVK’s own oil and gas resistant NBR rubber compound. It features an outstanding durability due to the ability of the rubber to regain its original shape, the double bonding vulcanization process and the sturdy wedge design. The triple safety stem sealing system replaceable under pressure, the high strength stem and the thorough corrosion protection safeguard the unmatched reliability.

Variant 46/90-010
Material: Cast steel
DN: DN50 - DN300
PN: PN10
Closing direction: Clockwise to Close


  • Fixed, integral wedge nut prevents vibration and ensures durability
  • Wedge fully vulcanized with NBR rubber and equipped with wedge shoes to provide smooth operation
  • Wedge and body guide rails ensure stable operation
  • Stainless steel stem with wedge stop and rolled threads for high strength
  • Full circle thrust collar provides fixation of the stem and low free running torques
  • Triple safety stem sealing with an NBR wiper ring and four NBR O-rings in a stem seal nut of dezincification resistant brass replaceable under pressure. A rubber manchette is the main seal to the flow
  • Round NBR bonnet gasket fixed in a recess
  • Countersunk and sealed stainless steel bonnet bolts encircled by the bonnet gasket
  • Full bore
  • Low operating torque
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating in compliance with DIN 3476 part 1 and EN 14901, PUR according to EN 10290 type 2, class B for extra cathodic protection externally
  • A standard PE pipe is pressed onto the grooved valve end, locked with a steel ring and sealed with a plastic shrink hose. The boltless, full bore PE end connection is tensile resistant and stronger than the PE pipe itself. The PE pipe end enables direct welding into PE pipes resulting in a fast and secure assembly



Reference nos. and dimensions:

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AVK ref. no. DN
46-063-90-0038070 50 63 60,3 10 774 243 281 14 17 29 2,9 9.0
46-090-90-0038070 80 90 88.9 10 782 298 351 17 20 34 3,2 15
46-110-90-0038070 100 110 114,3 10 782 355 398 19 22 38 3,6 21
46-160-90-0038070 150 160 168,3 10 900 448 538 19 22 38 4,5 39
46-225-90-0038070 200 225 219,1 10 935 562 681 24 27 42 6,3 65
46-250-90-0038070 250 250 273 10 1053 664 811 27 31 47 6,3 95
46-315-90-0038070 300 315 323,9 10 1105 739 910 27 31 47 7,1 145
2D/3D drawings
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1. Stem Stainless steel 1.4104 (430F)
2. Wiper ring NBR rubber
3. Stem seal nut Brass, DZR CW602N
4. O-ring NBR rubber
5. Bonnet Ductile iron GJS-400-15 (GGG-40)
6. Thrust collar Brass, DZR CW602N
7. Manchette NBR rubber
8. Bonnet bolt Stainless steel A2, sealed with hot melt
9. Bonnet gasket NBR rubber
10. Wedge nut Brass, DZR CW626N
11. Wedge Ductile iron, NBR encapsulated
12. Body Cast steel GP240GH+N
13. Pipe PE
14. Shrink hose Plastic
15. Sleeve Carbon steel


  • Hydraulic test to DIN 3230-5, PG 3 and EN 13774, Hydraulic test to DIN 3230-5, PG 3 and EN 13774
  • Seat: 1.1 X PN and 0.5 with air (in bar). Body: 1.5 X PN with water, 1.1 X PN and 0.5 with air (in bar)
  • Approved according to DIN-DVGW Certificate NG-4313BO0281
  • Approved according to DVGW EC Certificate CE-0085BO0317


  • Designed acc. to EN1171 (Max operating pressure to PED specified in the Ref. nos. & dim. table , Designed according to EN 13774
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