AVK Supa Lock™ ball valve, brass, PN16

For side tapping, with Supa Lock™ spigot end/screw coupling and T-top

AVK headquater in Skovby Galten, Denmark


AVK International A/S

Bizonvej 1, Skovby, 8464 Galten, Denmark

Supa Lock™ ball valve with Supa Lock™ spigot end/screw couplings / T-top for water and neutral liquids to max. 70° C

AVK Supa Lock™ is a patented service connection system consisting of valves, tapping saddles and fittings with a fast two-step assembly without threads or use of tools. Supa Lock™ features a push-in and quick-lock joint secured by a safety retainer which prevents demounting under pressure. Supa Lock™ brass ball valves feature a solid ball with non-stick seat rings, and are available with various end connections.
Variant 343/87-001
Connection: Supa Lock™
Material: Brass
DN: DN25 - DN40
PN: PN16
Closing direction: Clockwise to Close


  • Body of dezincification resistant brass complying with EU directive
  • Solid ball of acid resistant steel with non-stick seat rings and back-up bearing of PTFE
  • Two NBR stem seal O-rings ensure tightness
  • Bonnet adjusted to AVK extension spindles
  • Easy two-step assembly by pushing the Supa Lock™ spigot end into the Supa Lock™ socket end and clicking on the safety retainer
  • The safety retainer is easy to mount and demount, and as extra safety the patented Supa Lock™ joint prevents demounting when the system is under pressure
  • The Supa Lock™ valve end is designed with rotation stop to prevent the valve from rotating during the tapping/drilling process
  • The Supa Lock™ joint is sealed by two large O-rings of drinking water approved EPDM rubber
  • Coupling nut of dezincification resistant brass and sealing ring of EPDM rubber

Reference nos. and dimensions:

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AVK ref. no. DN
343-025-87-00 25 33 164 144 2.0
343-032-87-00 32 41 166 149 2.2
343-040-87-00 40 52 192 167 3.1
2D/3D drawings
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1. Stem Stainless steel 303
2. Retainer ring Stainless steel
3. Adaptor Dezincification resistant brass
4. Stem seal O-ring NBR rubber
5. Bonnet Dezincification resistant brass
6. Lock pin Stainless steel
7. Stem seal O-ring NBR rubber
8. Bearing PTFE
9. Body Dezincification resistant brass
10. Seat rings PTFE
11. Ball Stainless Steel 1.4401 (316)
12. Supa Lock™ O-rings EPDM rubber
13. Safety retainer POM
14. Seal ring EPDM rubber
15. Tension ring POM
16. Coupling nut Dezincification resistant brass


  • Hydraulic test according to EN 1074-1 and 2 / EN 12266 |
  • Seat: 1.1 x PN (in Bar), Body: 1.5 x PN (in Bar). Closing torque test.
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