For gate valves, key adaptor #23-32, with spindle adaptor fitting to US type wrench nut

AVK headquater in Skovby Galten, Denmark


AVK International A/S

Bizonvej 1, Skovby, 8464 Galten, Denmark

Telescopic extension spindle for gate valves, key adaptor #23-32, spindle adaptor #51. For fire protection application

AVK telescopic extension spindles are designed for ease of use and long service life. The two fixation lugs can be attached to AVK surface boxes, a lock spring prevents the telescopic part from collapsing during installation, and a defrosting hole enables insertion of a heating element. The extension spindles are made of corrosion-free materials and the centre sleeve and bottom cover protect against penetration of impurities.

Variant 04/04-002
Connection: Connection for stem square #51
Material: Polyethylene (PE)
DN: DN50 - DN400


  • Conical 23-32 mm key adaptor designed for universal T-operating keys
  • 51 mm spindle adaptor for connection to US type wrench nut
  • The top adaptor has a defrosting hole intended for insertion of a heating element to prevent freezing of ground water inside
  • The two fixation lugs can be attached to AVK surface boxes and support tiles
  • A lock spring prevents the telescopic part from collapsing during installation, as it creates friction inside the inner square tube
  • The center sleeve protects against penetration of impurities between the two outer PE pipes
  • The inner tube is press fit to the top spanner and bottom adaptor to safeguard the galvanization of the tube
  • The bottom cover protects the valve spindle from sand and dirt and enables it to rotate freely
  • Available inĀ 4 different lengths



Reference nos. and dimensions:

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AVK ref. no. DN/DN L8
04-200-4-00020001 50 - 400 450 - 700 700 - 920 98 23 - 32 3.9
04-200-4-05020001 50 - 400 650 - 1100 900 - 1320 98 23 - 32 3.9
04-200-4-10020001 50 - 400 1050 - 1750 1300 - 1970 98 23 - 32 3.9
04-200-4-15020001 50 - 400 1700 - 2900 1950 - 3120 98 23 - 32 3.9
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1. Key adaptor Cast stainless steel
2. Top adaptor PE
3. Upper inner tube Steel, galvanized
4. Upper protection tube PE
5. Centre sleeve Plastic
6. Lock spring Stainless steel
7. Lower inner tube Steel, galvanized
8. Lower protection tube PE
9. Stop ring PE
10. Spindle adaptor Ductile iron
11. Spindle cover top PE
12. Bottom cover PE
13. Split pin Stainless steel
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