Sustainability report

The UN has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to lead the world in a more sustainable direction. At AVK, we recognize sustainability – and the SDGs – as being of vital importance, and we do our utmost to make a difference in this area. 17-01-2020

In addition to our financial report for 2018/2019, we have published a sustainability report. Focusing on social responsibility and the UN SDGs, the report contains information about our mission, business model and supplier management as well as our initiatives to support the global goals. With our products and services, we’re part of the backbone of a proper and sustainable water infrastructure, and we are dedicated to identify areas of improvement in the way we do business to the benefit of the environment.

Some of the AVK initiatives related to the SDGs are

  • World Water Day competition for our customers and business partners to celebrate the projects having positively influenced water, sanitation and environment.
  • Educational support by initiation of a water summer school in cooperation with the University of Aarhus and leading Danish water companies and utilities.
  • Continued focus on the reuse of waste materials from our production with the objective to have zero waste for landfill. We want to be able to account for our waste handling from both production and administration and have a declared goal that all waste and by-products must be part of a circular economy.
  • Reporting of energy consumption data for each of the AVK companies, followed by formulation of objectives for improvements. The main goal is to maintain the level of water and energy consumption despite an increase in production.

As a global market leader we take global and local responsibility, and we have clearly defined Group policies for safety, environment, ethics and quality.

Twice a year we will publish a status report on our work with CSR and sustainability across the entire AVK Group. The report will be based on collected data and the fulfilment of the defined objectives.


AVK Sustainability Report 2019

Sustainability and focus on recycling the by-products of our production are deeply embedded in our DNA and have always impacted the way we conduct our business.
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