Product selection recommendations for control valves

How to select the right control valve

The following conditions should be taken into consideration in order to select the right solution for your application:

  • Working conditions
  • Maximum flow
  • Minimum flow
  • Continuous flow
  • Maximum inlet pressure
  • Minimum inlet pressure
  • Wanted outlet pressure
  • Pipe size

Our online sizing tool provides guidelines for the selection.

Go to variants and configurations to see our complete offering and go to the overview of control valves in our product finder to find details about our standard range.

Control valves are also used for pressure management. Read about all the advantages of pressure management in the supply network.

The importance of strainers and isolating valves

It is highly recommended to install a protection strainer on the inlet side of the control valve, to filter out impurities that could damage the control valve, or cause loss of control. Isolating valves on each side of the control valve facilitate commissioning and maintenance. Installation of by-pass for keeping up the supply, in case of main valve maintenance on the control valve is recommended.

AVK gate valves are available in a vast number of configurations. For isolating control valves, we recommend our standard flanged gate valve with short face-to-face length or the variant prepared for actuator. Find in-depth information about our gate valves at the gate valve section.

Use of air valves

In many cases it is recommendable to install an air valve at the inlet of the control valve in order to avoid trapped air pockets in the system, and air in the system in general will cause the valve to regulate with less accuracy. Air pockets may cause increased energy consumption and operation costs, pressure loss and increased risk of water hammer.

AVK air valves are available in many variants. For control valve installations, we recommend our combination air valves of ductile iron or reinforced polyamide.

Learn why you should use air valves in water and wastewater application 


AVK air valves for water supply

Good performance, minimum maintenance and durability are the characteristics of AVK’s wide range of automatic air valves, air and vacuum valves and combination air valves. The air valves are available in composite materials, which combine strength with extremely light weight.

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