AVK rubber - a seal of quality

For over 40 years, AVK GUMMI has developed rubber components for the water, natural gas, healthcare and food industries. By maintaining complete production control through our high-tech facilities and one of the world's most advanced mixing plants, we can offer unique rubber compounds of exceptional quality and uniformity.

AVK’s own rubber with uncompromising standards of excellence

No matter which industry you are in, it is essential that the rubber components inside your valves, hydrants and couplings are of the highest quality to ensure a safe, watertight seal and trouble-free operation, even after many years without use. Through our rubber factory, AVK GUMMI A/S, we develop and produce our own rubber components to make absolutely sure they meet and exceed our customers’ – and our own – uncompromising standards of excellence. Our gate valve wedge design and other market-leading innovations provide the reliability you need to safeguard your network, your supply and the health and safety of your customers. This is especially important for drinking water network operators, who can only be sure of an uncontaminated supply by choosing a valve supplier that gives such priority to quality and compliance. 

Rubber compounds with unique ability to regain original shape 

AVK’s rubber compounds have an excellent compression set, which means the ability to recover the original shape after having been compressed. Even after many years of operation, tiny pebbles, sand and other impurities will not affect the rubber surface or the tightness of the rubber. 

Test method for permanent deformation: The rubber is deformed by 25% of its original thickness at a constant temperature for a specific time. The pressure on the rubber is relieved and the layer thickness is measured after half an hour. The smaller the deformation, the better the memory effect.

Compression set (S) =



  • d0 = original thickness of the test specimen 
  • d1 = thickness of test specimen after test 
  • d2 = thickness of test specimen in compressed condition 

State-of-the-art rubber technology and production facilities

We benefit from high-tech production facilities and from one of the world's most advanced, fully automatic mixing plants, where the raw materials are weighed and dosed automatically reducing risk of human error considerably. Our quality management systems include 100 % control of each rubber compound, full traceability, SPC control, FMEA and a zero-defect production. In addition, our extraordinarily clean and safe production environment makes it possible to provide rubber components of a continuously high quality at the agreed time of delivery. 


Certificate and technical data for EPDM rubber

Certificate and technical data for NBR rubber

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