AVK Toolbox - The app that makes it easy....

The new AVK Toolbox app makes it easy to calculate flow, consumption & emission.

Here at AVK we strive to make it easy to do business with us and have launched the AVK Toolbox app.

The AVK Toolbox app is a tool with a variety of calculation functions: 

  • Flow calculator 
  • Water loss calculator 
  • Pressure loss calculator 
  • Power consumption calculator 
  • Emission calculator 

In the AVK Toolbox it is possible to export the calculations as a PDF-file to an e-mail address. Open the calculation history and press share, then select your e-mail program, and send the mail to the desired e-mail address.

Besides these calculating features, the AVK Toolbox will also bring a know-how feature where different technical information will appear. The app also contains an “About AVK” feature, where the AVK history and other useful information will be shown.