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Supa Lock™ - threadless connection system

Full corrosion protection

Connecting valves and fittings with a threaded connection can be time-consuming and often, it leaves part of the thread exposed to the medium and the external environment. Over time, this will cause corrosion of the uncoated thread and may even result in a leakage.

The patented Supa Lock™ system provides a 100% corrosion free joint combined with fast and easy assembly with maximum flexibility. Thanks to its simple and ingenious design, Supa Lock™ offers long term safety with optimum protection against corrosion and leaks and also protection against accidental disassembly of the joint when the pipeline is pressurized.

The wide Supa Lock™ range consists of valves, tapping saddles and fittings in ductile iron with a heavy duty epoxy coating complying with the strict GSK requirements. Furthermore, ball valves and fittings in dezincification resistant brass complying with the new EU directive for material used in drinking water installations are part of the range.

Easy two-step assembly
After having lubricated the O-rings, the Supa Lock™ spigot end is pushed into the Supa Lock™ socket end, the safety retainer is clicked on - and the assembly is done!

Self-locking safety retainer
Supa Lock™ is designed as a tensile joint and withstands pressures up to PN 16 x 1.5. The safety retainer is designed with an edge, which makes it self-locking whenever there is pressure in the pipeline. Therefore, no accidental disassembly can take place. The safety retainer has two finger knobs for easy assembly and disassembly.

Heavy duty O-rings provide extra safety 
All Supa Lock™ joints are designed with heavy duty O-rings to secure the joint against leaking. The large O-rings provide extra safety when taking into account that a minor permanent deformation of the O-rings is to be expected over the lifetime of the product. Also, when the joint is exposed to bending as a result of ground movements, the large O-rings provide maximum safety. 



No rotation of valves and connectors
Free rotation is restricted on the valves and the threaded connectors used for drilling machines to enable effective drilling. Small cast notches placed on the outer rim of the socket end and on the inner rim of the spigot end interlock and prevent rotation.

  Design test
  Lifetime test
  Declaration of conformity
  GSK coating certificate

360° rotation gives maximum flexibility
The design allows for a 360° rotation of the fittings, which is a unique feature only offered by the Supa Lock™ system. The free rotation of the joint allows the installer to direct the service pipe outlet in any direction from the main pipe, thus avoiding collision with other pipes or obstacles in the trench.

Corrosion-free access point
For flanged connections in DN 80-400, the wafer type spacer with Supa Lock™ socket connections offers a corrosion protected access point to the pipe. It can replace a tapping and in that way avoid weakening of the pipe.

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Datasheets and outline drawings
  Mounting Instructions
 Service connection valve w/ socket
   Spacer for flanged connections
 Service connection valve w/ PRK    Straight push-in fitting
   Push-in fittings
 Angle valve w/socket    90° push-in fitting
   Tapping saddle for PVC/PE
 Angle valve w/push-in    Fitting with PE pipe end
   Tapping saddle for iron/steel
 Ball valve with BSP thread, brass    Fitting with PRK coupling, ductile iron
   Tapping saddle for iron/steel with blade 

 Ball valve with PRK coupling, brass    Fitting with PRK coupling, brass
   Tapping head with blade shut-off
 Ball valve with screw coupling, brass    Fitting with screw coupling, brass
   Transition connector
 Tapping saddle for PE/PVC pipes    Threaded connector, ductile iron
 Tapping saddle for iron/steel pipes    Threaded connector, brass
 Tapping saddle for iron/steel pipes
 with blade shut-off
   Blind plug
 Tapping saddle head with blade shut-off    Hot tap drilling kit
 Stirrup    Transition connector
 Tapping head with blade shut-off